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Balancing Screentime During Social Distancing

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Did your families screen time rules go out the window recently? As parents, some of us are now juggling working from home and educating our children online. The kids are missing their friends and relying on you to guide them throughout their day. While balance is always the key, here are a few ways to incorporate healthy screen time into your child’s day.

Use screens for human connections - Children can still feel connected to their educational and social communities through technology. Checking in with their teachers, classmates, family members and friends give them a sense of social community and security.

Take an online field trip - Research some fun educational online field trips. Museums, art galleries and zoos are doing virtual tours.

Find educational apps and shows - Common Sense Media is just one of the great resources available to review lists of top educational apps and TV shows, video games and books for kids ages 2 to teen.

Find the balance that works for your family. Kids can continue to find time to read, enjoy the outdoors, build, do arts and crafts throughout the day.