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City of Katy launches mass-notification system

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The City of Katy launched a mass-notification system on Jan. 29 in order to keep residents informed of severe weather, hazards and community events as quickly as possible, officials said.

Through the new system, known as Katy-Connect, city officials can quickly push voice messages to homes, businesses and cell phones. The system is also able to send emails and text messages and can post messages onto the city’s Facebook page and Twitter feed, City of Katy’s Emergency Management Coordinator Maria Galvez said.

“Keeping our community safe and informed is our top priority, which is why we need to be able to communicate with residents quickly in an urgent situation,” Galvez said. “[The system] enables us to communicate efficiently with residents in just a matter of minutes, helping save valuable time, use resources efficiently and protect our community.”

City officials are able to target specific messages to certain residents based on specific geographical location, helping to ensure that area residents receive relevant information, Galvez said.

Publicly available residential and business phone numbers will automatically be included in the system. Cell phone numbers and email addresses will have to be registered online at www.cityofkaty.com or by phone at 281-574-8638 to receive updates, Galvez said.

Source: Community Impact News