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Finding the Perfect Home

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Buying a new home is an investment in your future, and thus you want to make the best choice possible for your family. After deciding your budget and must-haves, how will you know when you have found the right house?

First impression - We start making assessments the moment we pull into the neighborhood. The neighborhood should be well maintained and inviting. When you pull up to the house, you find it appealing from the exterior and you are drawn to see more.

Level of comfort - When you enter the house, you want to feel a sense of comfort and calm. You should have the desire to explore more throughout the house and discover what each space has to offer. In a sense, it should feel like home.

Envisioning the future - You may find yourself envisioning how your current furniture will look in this house. You may visualize the kids enjoying their new space and making new memories. This is a good sign you are falling for the house.

It checks the major boxes - While it may not be possible to check every box on your “want” list, it should meet the important criteria. You may find yourself being flexible in some areas you thought might have been important before.

You don’t want to see anymore - Often when we find the right house, we start becoming critical of all the others. If you have lost the desire to continue your home search, you have likely found your future home.

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SOURCE: The Balance