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Seismique Offers A Unique Family Experience

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Looking for a unique family experience near Katy? Bring the family to Seismique, Houston’s newest technology-fueled experimental art museum. The museum has recently opened at 2306 S. Hwy. 6, Houston.

This 40,000-square-foot visual museum features creations from 65 artists and crafters. In an effort to support local artists, 12 of the 40 galleries are are reserved for Houston artists.

The galleries consist of 9 million LED lights and 111 projectors providing a unique sensory experience.

The museum hopes to provide local schools an educational experience for students with technology-driven learning opportunities. Guests are invited to  explore topics such as extraterrestrial beings, artificial intelligence, immersive experiences, gamification and more.

Visit www.seismique.com to learn more.

SOURCE: Community Impact